The Video Projection 101 Textbook explains some of the pre-production strategies of industry leading video projectionist. By breaking down pre-production to an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process, you will be able to understand how to effectively execute your project prior to arriving on-site.

“This book, along with access to the Video Projectionist Support Group, will be two of the most valuable tools you possess.” – Clem Harrod


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What People Are Saying

When it comes to pre-production for video projection, Clem is one of the best at this of anyone I know. As a Freelance Projectionist we often times take for granted that we are receiving the right gear on a show to do the job. Then, come to find out, we’re missing the correct mounting hardware, or we have the wrong cable lengths, etc. This is the last thing we want to happen for a timely load-in.

What Clem has done with his processes, is take the worry out of the equation. With detailed information, including cabling, projection distance, projector layout measurements, along with pre-show client interaction, you will have more information than you would ever have thought to have right at your fingertips. His impeccable ways make for a dang near flawless and low stress load-in. As well, his willingness to answer your calls and messages in a very timely manner are greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Clem/CLEMCO.AV, for all you have done for me!

Gary Nickell
Widescreen Video Projectionist

I remember when I was first introduced to Clem and his organizational structure. We were scheduled to work an event at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, and Clem called me a week before the load-in with a list of questions. As the Technical Director of the room, I was aware of the details needed to build our set.

His inquiries about the truss trim height, cable path and production schedule let me know I was dealing with a true professional. When Clem arrived on site with his big smile and Projection 101 Workbook, we reviewed his process and drawings for any possible changes.

The event concluded, and I was happy I got to know Clem and his system. What he created for Video Projectionist, not only helped me better understand my process as a TD, but also how I could improve upon it.

Will Jones
Technical Director

I always strived to learn more about video projection, then I noticed the Projection 101 Workshops online. I thought, at the time, that is it, I found the answer, I will get the book and learn all about it. Little did I know, that later on I will have an opportunity to have a conversation with Clem, and I was very impressed. It was one of the best conversations I had in a while.

You just need to hear Clem out and loads of things will become clear. I got questions answered that interested me for years. Today, I use Clem’s guidance and approach in several areas in my work to improve processes and better prepare for not only video projection projects, but also other areas of AV business.

Alem Džinić
Project Manager – Creative Technologies London

We can design the most beautiful sets and create amazing client content; however, when we get onsite, we rely heavily on the Projectionist to make the set and visuals look their best. I’ve worked with Clem Harrod on many dynamic projects over the years, and he not only cares about what he does, but he also puts the client’s and project’s needs above all else.

This is evident in not only Clem’s pre-production process, but also in his desire to forever perfect the craft of projection.

Maxine Monseque
Project Lead/Executive Producer


“It started with a vision, and I knew this was something I HAD to do…”

Clem Harrod serves as the Owner and Chief Projection Officer of CLEMCO.AV. Establishing his company in April of 2016, Clem began studying the Art of Television and Event Production in 1992. Prior to receiving his Bachelors of Science from Florida State University in December of 2001, Clem was an active member in the College of Communication’s professional production group known as Seminole Productions.  It was there he learned three key skills: the art of storytelling and seeing things for more than what they appear to be on the surface, the ability to anticipate and predict outcomes through shooting sporting events, and how to stay focus and attentive while working in energetic and entertaining environments.

Upon his graduation from Florida State, Clem began an internship with the Orlando Magic.  There, he establish himself as a very talented sports videographer and continued shooting NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, and various other NCAA events for 15 years.  Through his contacts in the broadcast industry, Clem was introduced to, and simultaneously ran a career in, Corporate Event Production.  Here, he began as a stagehand and, through his strong work ethic and friendly personality, quickly worked his way up the ranks to become a very skilled Video Projectionist. Using Panasonic, Barco and Christie projectors, Clem now partners with many well-known production companies and their Fortune 500 clients to produce events for audiences of up to 20,000 attendees. As a Widescreen Projectionist, Clem not only has experience with blends, curved screens, and projection mapping, but he also has experience working with Independent Contractors from all over the world.

“One thing I have learned through my 25 years of experience is that the gear is just the gear, but the people operating it make all the difference. The individuals who come together to create and facilitate the experiences are the ones who make it memorable. I believe I am one of those people. I believe I am an individual who isn’t afraid to do what’s necessary to ensure the positive outcome of a show. Because I believe we only get one chance to make a great first impression, I want it to be a good one… #Projection101”

Clem Harrod

If you’re interested in ordering copies of the Video Projection 101 textbook in bulk or having Clem come work with, train or speak to your contractors, company or organization, email us at