VPSG is a closed Facebook group where Video Projectionist, ranging from traveling freelancers and full-time technicians to system integrators and novice assistants, can use one another’s expertise as a valuable resource for technical support. From power, to signal, networking, electrical or general setup, VPSG can assist you with all of your video projection needs.

As a member of VPSG, you have direct access to some of the industry’s top video projectionist from around the world. Ranging from Dubai to Las Vegas, this group has over 2,000 members who are eager and willing to help. We encourage you to use this forum’s ability to post photos and videos, as well as direct message one another, as a resource to resolve any projection related issues you may have during pre-production or on-site.

In addition to this group’s ability to offer technical support, VPSG will allow you the opportunity to share drawings and pictures about shows you’ve worked and experiences you’ve had. Ultimately, VPSG is a place where Video Projectionist come together, stay connected, support one another, and grow as technicians.




That being said, we do accept donations to help our team manage this, and other, online communities and also help fund the educational tools CLEMCO.AV continues to develop for Independent Contractors. There are specified donation amounts ranging from $10 to $45; however, any contribution helps and can be added in the “Other Amount” section.

With a donation of $45 or more, you will receive a FREE, Signed, Limited Edition copy of the Video Projection 101 textbook that explains some of the pre-production strategies of industry leading video projectionist. By breaking down pre-production to an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process, you will be able to understand how to effectively execute your project prior to arriving on-site.

“This book, along with access to the Video Projectionist Support Group, will be two of the most valuable tools you possess.”

-Clem Harrod

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About the Author and Group Creator

In July of 2016, Clem Harrod, of CLEMCO.AV, created VPSG as a means to mentor and assist as many Video Projectionist as possible. As a fellow projectionist with over 20 years of industry related experience, Clem understood he was a technician that didn’t have all the answers. Thus, Clem wanted to create a room and gather the people who did. Founded on the sharing is caring principle, VPSG is now one of the most active groups geared specifically towards technicians in the Live Event Production Industry.

In addition to starting VPSG, Clem established, CLEMCO.HR, SAVW (Spouses of AV Workers), and co-created The Production Channel Blog and Podcast in an effort to fill voids he saw in the industry. Ultimately, Clem’s desire is to help the people and families that are so near and dear to his heart. Clem believes it is the people, and their uniqueness, that makes this industry so great, and it is his duty to support them in any way he can.

To learn more about Clem Harrod and his experience in the Live Event Production Industry, visit www.clemcoav.com/career101.

What People Are Saying

VPSG has been one of the fastest growing, industry related, support communities on Facebook. It generates numerous discourses about things related to video projection technology and setup. I imagine this is due to the exchange of ideas and expertise between novice and seasoned Projectionists from around the globe. I have found so few groups where I can get quality information on event projection that VPSG has become my go-to source.

The Video Projection Support Group has been a great community full of resources and contacts, and I recommend it to all of the students who pass through Evolve’s projection classes.

Eli Loeffel
Evolve Media Group Video Projection Solutionist/ Head of the Orlando Evolve Academy

When I first started as a Video Projectionist, access to information and other technicians was not readily available. The creation of platforms like VPSG change the industry and our ability to communicate with one another. This group brings technicians and projection technology together to help resolve challenges. Through sharing information with the 1,000+ members, we are increasing our knowledge and creating a better experience for our clients.

Steve Olson
Widescreen Video Projectionist

VPSG is a great resource for Video Projectionist to share industry trade knowledge that is not easily accessible online. That was a big reason why I joined this group. I built my career on learning from those before me, and I wanted the ability to share my unique experiences as well.

I also see VPSG as a resource for myself, because there are others in this group with many more years of experience. Ideas and/or questions can be bounced off one another, and a lot of times the replies are faster and more helpful then calling any manufacturer customer service number.

Carlos Tirres III
Video Projectionist/ Service Level Repair Technician

Visit www.clemcoav.com or email info@clemcoav.com for more information.