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Professional projectionist Clem Harrod brings nearly 25 years of knowledge and experience to CLEMCO.AV. He is now focused on helping others in the Audio Visual Industry enjoy a career with less stress and more financial opportunities.

“One thing I have learned through my 25 years of experience is that the gear is just the gear, but the people operating it make all the difference.” – Clem Harrod

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Are you a technician who has been working the job, doing task, and unsure of the meaning behind it all? Are you a technician in one position and wondering where you want to take your career and how to get there? Let me help guide you through your journey.


Are you a Labor or Production Company looking for an Audio Visual Technician or Engineer to work your event? Are you in need of someone you can trust to do their job and professionally interact with your client? Allow us to help you locate that individual.


There are times when no matter how hard I try, I just can’t figure out the answers. It is in these moments that I tap into my trusted resources. Ranging from technical to financial, and other variances in between, here are some resources.


This is where it all starts.  Click below to find out more about the Life Projection Foundation, and how Clem Harrod is inspiring youth and others to achieve more than they could have ever dreamed.

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