Career Projection Workshop Details

  • Workshops will focus on Budgeting, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Financial Planning, Law, Business Insurance, Personal Insurance, Mental Health, and Physical Health

  • Subject matter experts will educate attendees on the best ways to approach life and business as Independent Contractors/Small Business Owners

  • Q&A will follow

  • Cocktail hour to freely discuss  the latest developments in the industry and our lives

  • Email for additional details

What People Are Saying

Clem has been a great friend and trusted colleague for over 20 years.  As a film school instructor, and freelance camera operator, I know from first hand experience that the information Clem has compiled into this book is invaluable.  Anyone starting a freelance, or contractor-based, career will benefit from every aspect of this book from budgeting to acquiring health insurance.

Career Projection 101 is a book that I recommend to all of my students and every instructor I know because I am confident it will help shape the next generation of independent contractors.

Frank Illuzzi
Film Instructor – Full Sail University

I’ve been a social media manager and modeling blogger for 2 years.  I found CLEMCO.AV’s series with Bobbi Grant by searching “Budgeting Tips for Independent Contractors” on YouTube.  It was extremely helpful because I have been having a hard time taking control of my finances and handling my money with inconsistent pay.  I’m going to use their budget template, and I look forward to any other resources and programs related to the business side of being an independent contractor.

Bria Larine
Social Media Influencer & Commercial Model

Clem has shown me a path in the A/V industry I never thought I’d take.  CLEMCO reinforces that path by letting me keep in touch with Clem and by offering guidance for novice A/V technicians.  Clem’s advice and on-site coaching has helped boost my confidence and understanding of Video immensely.

Nelson Aviles
A/V Technician

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