What People Are Saying

Yes, we need to know the nuts and bolts of our craft, but what gets us hired, and more importantly, what allows us to create meaningful relationships with our clients and each other is our ability to create our personal brand.  One based on attitude, ability to function within a group, the joy we bring to the job, the problem solving and team building…the intangibles.  Clem Harrod has a very solid footing on all of this. I know lots of Projectionists, but Clem stands out for his professional approach, interest in what others have to say, his excellent attitude, and best of all…his approach to his family and friends.

That is a rare quality and one that guarantees his success in whatever he does, including helping others.

Tom Bollard
Technical Director – Meeting Services, Inc.

Clem has been a great friend and trusted colleague for over 20 years.  As a film school instructor, and freelance camera operator, I know from first hand experience that the information Clem has compiled into this book is invaluable.  Anyone starting a freelance, or contractor-based, career will benefit from every aspect of this book from budgeting to acquiring health insurance.

Career Projection 101 is a book that I recommend to all of my students and every instructor I know because I am confident it will help shape the next generation of independent contractors.

Frank Illuzzi
Film Instructor – Full Sail University

I’ve been a social media manager and modeling blogger for 2 years.  I found CLEMCO.AV’s series with Bobbi Grant by searching “Budgeting Tips for Independent Contractors” on YouTube.  It was extremely helpful because I have been having a hard time taking control of my finances and handling my money with inconsistent pay.  I’m going to use their budget template, and I look forward to any other resources and programs related to the business side of being an independent contractor.

Bria Larine
Social Media Influencer & Commercial Model

Clem has shown me a path in the A/V industry I never thought I’d take.  CLEMCO reinforces that path by letting me keep in touch with Clem and by offering guidance for novice A/V technicians.  Clem’s advice and on-site coaching has helped boost my confidence and understanding of Video immensely.

Nelson Aviles
A/V Technician

Visit www.clemcoav.com or email info@clemcoav.com for more information.